Aristocraft 19.5 Degree Crossover modification to eliminate slider shorts:

To eliminate the risk of engines with sliders shorting when going through an Aristocraft 19.5 degree cross-over, I modified this crossover.  The crossover was first disassembled and the rail sections removed.  An angle grinder was then used to make a cut a little ways from the end on all the rail ends that meet at the frog.  (The power transfer strips that run under the rails were removed before reassembly.)  The small cut sections of rail were then reinserted back into the frog and some hot glue was applied behind the cut section to act as an insulator between the cut section and the main rail. 

Original (Unmodified)


After modifications:  Rail ends at frogs were cut and electrically insulated so if slider contacts, it will not see opposing electrical current and thus result in a short.

On the bottom, new, heavier duty power transfer wires were added to power the center rail sections. 

The result:  the tips of the rail are now insulated and not powered so if a slider accidentally touches an opposing rail, it won't create a short condition.




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