Body Mounting Kadee #789 to Aristocraft Heavyweight Passenger cars:

The original truck mounted couplers that come with the cars makes for large spaces (and unrealistic appearance) between the cars.  (See the picture below for an example.) 

Kadee sells an 881 adapter, 830 coupler box and the 883 flex mount to mount the 830 to the 881.  This arrangement allows for maximum range of motion for tight radius curves and allows for closer coupling (I think) of the cars than the original setup. 

Here is an example of the 881+883+830 setup.  (Pictures provided by Chillicharlie)

The downside is the 830 coupler is that it has slack built in so when the cars are pulled, they stretch which limits how close you can keep them coupled when running. 

I prefer to maintain the same very close coupling distance either backing or going forward and decided to use the 881 adapter and mount a standard 789 coupler & box to the 881.  (I performed testing to determine the closest coupling allowed and still ensure they cars didn't touch when backing in curves.

Here are the results:

They were installed using #2 Stainless Steel nuts and bolts (from Lowes Hardware).   

In order to get the 789 in the desired positioned two holes had to be drilled in the 881.  The one closest to the end of the car was used to bolt the coupler 789 to the 881 adapter.  The second hole (closest to the truck) was drilled through through the 881 and the frame to bolt the coupler assembly to the body. (used a 1" long bolt with nut and washers)  



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