Adding a cleaning pad to a Heavyweight truck:

In the same way I made cleaning pads for my other rolling stock, I added one to a truck on one of the Heavyweight cars.  I used a relatively flat piece of wood that I filed back to have knobs on the end that would fit in the cavity on the backside of where the leaf-spring is on the truck.  I then cut the board in half and inserted in the cavities and placed another straight piece of wood across the two halves and secured with the 3M exterior mounting tape (see photos below).  Another flat piece of wood was added on top of that and secured in place with the mounting tape.  From there, I simply added a few layers of mounting tape and placed a strip of 3M finishing pad (see photos below) on the tape.  Works perfectly.


Here's another one I did for another train using an easier method of hot gluing small wood blocks between the wheels.



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