Changing the lights in the Aristocraft Heavyweight Passenger cars:

I've found it necessary to replace the bulbs in some of my Aristocraft Heavyweights to higher voltage bulbs (24v-28v).  The roofs on some cars are difficult if not impossible to remove so I came up with this trick using a 3/8" automotive hose (vacuum or fuel line hose) to replace the lights in the car without requiring the removal of the roof. 

Pictures of the hose and how it works:  (Note: you will need a longer hose than the one pictured)


Remove the end of the Aristocraft Heavyweight that the light bulbs face. 

Once off, you can then insert a 3/8" hose (can be purchased at any auto-parts store) into the car and press the hose on the end of the light you want to replace then press and twist the bulb off.  The light bulb will stay stuck in the end of the hose as you pull it out.  Pull the old bulb out and put the new one in and guide it back onto the light bulb bayonet base.   Repeat for all the bulbs. 

I've found this to be a much easier way to replace the bulbs than to fight the roofs on certain cars.



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