Body Mount Kadee #787 to Bachmann Coal Hopper car:

I found that #787 Kadee couplers could be mounted to the car body without any modifications to the car or coupler.

I first started by cutting the original coupler arm off the truck. 

Next, I used double-stick tape to allow me to temporarily mount the coupler to one side of each car so I could get the desired car separation distance.

Then, with the coupler still adhered in place, I took my Dremel and drilled indentions in the car body through the coupler mounting holes.

After that, I drilled the holes through.

I then ran a 1" #2 Stainless steel bolt (used washers) through each hole and secured it with a nut on the end.  I could only find the #2 Stainless Steel bolts at Lowes in the specialty bolt drawers.  Home Depot didn't carry them.

That's it.  Here's the result.


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