Turn your Bachmann Coal Hopper Car into a track cleaner:

Following the same idea I used for adding a cleaning pad to my Bachmann passenger cars, I constructed a support for a cleaning pad for fit onto the new coal hoppers I got. (at a great clearance price I might add)

The pictures explain what needs to be done so see the gallery below.  Except for the fact that once the bridge was finished, I cut it half and removed about a 3/4 inch section. I then took a third piece to bridge (and overlap the gap), wrapped it completely with electrical tape, then wrapped the now two ends of the bridge to the new center piece.  This was done to create an insulator so in the event the metal of the bridge made contact with each rail it would not create a short.  Also, there were sections cut into the sides of the bridge ends to allow extra room so the wheel flanges wouldn't rub the bridge.

Also, more information is available in my Bachmann passenger car cleaner write-up.   

I will also add that the car will require additional weight to keep the car secure on the tracks until the pad wears in.  This is just like the passenger cars.  Without the weight you can see how the pad lifts the wheels off the tracks in the last few pictures.



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