Turn your Bachmann Passenger Car into a track cleaner:

The flat piece of metal you see in the pictures was obtained from Ace Hardware in the "nail" section.  Also in the pictures, the metal piece is shown off-center when taped to the wooden piece... that was done intentional as part of my experimentation, but I have since centered it.  The metal is also shown sticking far out the sides of the trucks.  I have now filed it back so it is even with the side.  You can't really see it now.

To adhere the 3M pad to the cleaner bracket, I used the below 3M exterior mounting tape.  It holds the pad in place, no problem.

In short the cleaner pads work great. 

I have found that using two of these cleaning pads, one on each truck, creates a little too much drag for the Bachmann 4-6-0 Annie pulling it, so I've  removed the cleaning pad from one of the trucks and now only run with one pad.  The one still does the job great.

Update: (8/17/04) - After running with this single truck track cleaner for about a month and a half, it has really polished the tops of the rails to a nice mirror shine.  There appears to no appreciable wear from the pad, just a nice polishing effect. 




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