George Riley Curry was good enough to share with me the information he used to build this scratch built DD-40.  I've scanned the pages and documents he provided for reference.

He built his DD-40 out of two SD-45 engines.  He split the standard SD45 cab down the middle to widen it safety cab style.

Additional notes he provided to me:

"With regard to the power blocks the fourth axle is a floater mounted in a pivotting mount attached to the regular aristo motor block maintaing the proper axle center lines..the side frames i cut and cemented together that has finish look of the originl..I actually used one of those place mats of the DDA40x  that they sell at various model shows for a reference...the DD was 98.5feet over-all and my model measures 41 3/4 inches and  weighs  19 pounds....I made an error in my previous message as to the scale..it should have read..  .414 of an inch equals 1 foot ( 1/29 SCALE)."




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