Power Supplies:





I personally use four types of power supplies to run trains: 







Bridgewerks Power Mag: (25amp @ 24volts)


This is my primary power supply for powering my layout.  It's a fully regulated linear power supply and from the factory is capable of output between 17-26.5volts (adjustable).  (I've modified this one to output up to 30volts and is pictured below.  The volt and ammeters were added later.)




Bridgewerks TDR-25: (25amp @ 24volts)


This is primarily for additional power for train show displays if the need arises.  This supply puts out 0-26.5volts (but can be adjusted to output higher as this one as been) 






Bridgewerks Magnum SR-10 (10amp) & SR-15 (15amp):


These power supplies are throttle type to allow adjustable output voltage from 0-26.5(under load).




Back of SR10 & 15






Bachmann power supply (17v / 11va):


These are small, low output power supplies normally used for powering a single Bachmann 4-6-0.  This supply is used to power the small LGB fan powered speeder used at train shows.







Why do I use Bridgewerks over other power supplies?


I use Bridgewerks power supplies for two reasons: 


  1. Bridgewerks supplies provide super clean DC power which I have found gives the best MTH DCS track signal results of all power supplies I have tested.  I believe the reason for this is their use of large copper wound transformer coupled with banks of high amp linear voltage regulators to provide output power to the track. 

    Other linear power supplies like the MRC 'Power G' use a copper wound transformer coupled with what appears to be either a rheostat or other more basic form of voltage control of the transformer output.  While the Power G does work ok in applications like mine (DCS), the track signal communication levels aren't quite as good.


  1. Bridgewerks power supplies (particularly the throttle types) can provide voltages greater than 18volts.  (Depending on the model power supply, can output anywhere from 0-30volts.)  Most G scale engines are made to handle 24v and being able to operate at voltages above 18v is key for big drivered engines like the USA Trains Hudson, MTH Hudson, MTH GS-4s, Accucraft GS-4s, etc that require voltages up to 24v to achieve prototypical top speeds.

        Other power supplies like the MRC 'Power G' can only output 18v max and is a big limitation if you have one of the above engines.  (If you've ever tried to run a USA Train Hudson at 18v you will know what I mean by how slow it runs.)








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