Remote Cut-off for track power:




One item that can help track power users is a wireless remote power on/off switch for the power supply / layout.  This allows you to quickly and easily toggle your source power supply all electrical power on and off even if you're on the other side of the yard and away from your power supply.  It helps in emergency situations like a derailment or pending collision as well as turning power back on when you're ready to get back started again.  (Just plug this into the wall and your power supply into this box.)  They generally cost around $20 and is an absolute must in my book.





Example 1:  GE Smart Remote Plus Outdoor Outlet Receiver




To purchase, do an internet search on the key words "GE Smart Remote Plus Outdoor Outlet Receiver"  OR


Click this link for a Google search on this product:



One minor modification I've made to my key-fob remote was to pull the internal antenna out and heat shrink it.  This gives much better range and allows me to have the base in the house and me be anywhere outside in the yard and it work reliably every time.






Example 2:  Clarion Outdoor Outlet Control (Model: HW2190L)


This is another remote outlet I've tested that has good range.  Unlike the GE version above, these do not have physical antennas that can be made to protrude out of the remote / box to extend the operating range.  However, they do have a good range (although somewhat less than the GE) and should be satisfactory for most layouts.  This one was purchased from Ace Hardware.  With this one you may need to have a direct line of sight for best range and not have behind a wall.






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