Windows 7/8 USB Drivers




New USB Drivers For Windows 7/8



March 26, 2013:


Consumers with USB ports who wish to program DCS or any Proto-Sound 2.0 or later locomotive with DCS Hardware will need to install the latest USB drivers for their Windows 7 and 8 computers.


1. Download the drivers by clicking HERE.

2. After downloading them, run the file and it will install the drivers to allow the DCS Loader program to function on computers with only a USB port.

3. Plug in your TIU to your PC USB connection and in most instances the PC will announce that it found new hardware and then let you know that your new hardware is ready to run.

4. If you want to test the connection you can use the Consumer Loader and have it find the TIU. If the Consumer Loader is able to find the TIU then everything is installed correctly.

Note On some operating systems the driver may already exist. If you are unsure, simply connect the TIU to the PCs USB port and see if Windows informs you that your new hardware is installed and is ready to run. If Windows asks you for a driver then disconnect the TIU, download the driver from the above link, install the driver, then reconnect your TIU.


5. Install your TIU into your layout. It connects just like any other TIU. If this is your first TIU then simply follow the instructions provided with your TIU.





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