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Model Overview:

The GS-4/ GS-2 was MTH's second set of new steam engines produced. 





MTH GS-4 (Freedom) - Photos:



Today I took delivery of the new MTH American Freedom Train GS-4 and am very pleased.  The color scheme and colors look great and is a very attractive engine. 



Just took delivery of 9 American Freedom passenger cars.  Great looking car for the money and well designed.  Changing lights (if ever necessary) will be much easier compared to the Aristocraft heavyweights.






A few photos after painting the smokebox and fireboxes black.  (Used an airbrush with Testors Floquil 'Engine Black'.  Mixture of 1 part thinner with 3 parts paint.)   Also note that the white paint on the tires and wheels have been removed as well.






Photos of the new side skirt lighting I installed.  Has an on/off switch.   (Click here for ALL photos)




Install photos:







American Freedom Train Videos:  

(Right-click and save-as the video before you play and it will run smoother.)

                                              Select the version / quality you want to download:


 -  Lead Cam #1(Full video) - 10:57 mins  -  camera on flatcar behind tender

                       -  166MB/2100kbs - 80MB/1000kbs - 12MB/150kbs


 -  Video #1 - 3:09 mins  -  Runby shots at top speed of 75 SMPH

                       -  72MB/3000kbs - 25MB/1000kbs - 10MB/400kbs


                                          -  Video #2 - 1:24 mins  -  Runby shots at top speed of 75 SMPH

                                                                -  32MB/3000kbs - 11MB/1000kbs - 5MB/400kbs






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MTH American Freedom Passenger car page



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