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The PA was first introduced in the 2007 One Gauge catalog. 




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Control issues when engines with slave boards are running - Adding inductors to engines with a slave board


I have found that the engines running slave boards (Diesels with second powered A units, Triplex tender, etc) can affect signaling levels in track signal tests.  In normal situations this should not affect anything, however it could lead to some issues in some cases.


This issue can be eliminated by adding an inductor in the + and - wires from the tender track power pickups leading to the slave board on each Triplex.  From tests, 100uh or greater will work.  


(Note:  Most users will not encounter such issues as they will be running on much smaller ovals, may have lights/SSBRDs deployed, and will be running with fewer engines [usually one at a time].  This enhancement is to inform that if you are running multiple engines with multiple slave boards that this is something you can do long term to reduce the chance of a random control issue with an engine not responding.  This is not a must-do critical enhancement.)




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