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Model Overview:

This is MTH's best One Gauge offering to-date. 




MTH Triplex - Photos:


Stock photos of models produced:










Here are the first photos of the prototype. 


03/6/2014 - Photos of the Erie (Black) version


03/6/2014 - Photos of the Erie (Russian Iron) version


02/20/2009 - Train Show at the Kansas City BTA Center

03/04/2009 - First run on the layout with the 60 car coal train


05/24/2009 - The Triplexes team up for the first time with the Big Boys to pull their own 60 car coal trains


02/12/2009 - Disassembly photos

Flywheel used for speed control - (Note the motor terminals with heat shrink, very nice attention to detail on assembly quality)

Tach reader and flywheel

Tender 'Slave' board and motor.

Note wire holders on inside side of tender to ensure they don't get caught or pinched on reassembly or caught on motor flywheel.

(Nice quality touch and attention to detail on assembly.)

MTH factory speaker

MTH factory speaker

Modified Kadee 830 coupler for front of engine.

Modified Kadee 830 coupler for front of engine.


02/15/2009 - More photos

Smoking whistle smoke unit

Two pin component is electrically isolated from the frame. This is good.





Smoking Whistle:  Instructions on how to activate:

Do the following steps to activating the smoking whistle:

       - Step 1:  Add 6 drops of smoke fluid into the whistle opening (remove the brass whistle first)

       - Step 2a:  Press "S2" (FSW) button - (This turns on the smoke whistle heater) 

                        - (Note:  You may need to scroll the softkey list with "S5" button to display SPW and FSW labels)

       - Step 2b:  Turn thumbwheel down - (This updates the screen to confirm FSW is highlighted/activated)

       - Step 3a:  Press "S1" (SPW) button - (This turns on the Whistle Quill feature)

       - Step 3b:  Turn thumbwheel down - (This updates the screen to confirm SPW is highlighted/activated)

       - Step 4:  Rotate the thumbwheel up to activate/increase whistle (Three steps of quill are available).  Rotate thumbwheel down to deactivate/decrease whistle.

                        - (Note:  If you see smoke coming out the bottom of the boiler and not the top, blow in the top of the whistle hole to clear any fluid bubbles and retry)



Step 1:

Step 2a:

Step 2b:

Step 3a:

Step 3b:

Step 4:





MTH Triplex - Erie:

                                              Select the version / quality you want to download:


           -  Video #1 - 1:57 mins  -  Smoking Whistle

                            - 46MB/3000kbs - 17MB/1000kbs - 6MB/300kbs

             -  Video #2 - 1:33 mins  -  Quick test run with all engines

                            - 35MB/3000kbs - 12MB/1000kbs - 5MB/400kbs

                                                      -  Video #3 - 1:41 mins  -  First run of Triplexes at Train show w/100ft coal train)

                                                                     - 30MB/2000kbs - 17MB/1000kbs - 8MB/300kbs - YouTube HQ

                                                      -  Video #4 - 2:47 mins  -  First run of Triplexes at Train show w/100ft coal train)

                                                                     - 50MB/2000kbs - 28MB/1000kbs - 13MB/300kbs - YouTube HQ

                                                      -  Video #5 - 4:11 mins  -  First run of Triplexes at Train show w/100ft coal train)

                                                                     - 97MB/3000kbs - 36MB/1000kbs - 14MB/300kbs - YouTube HQ

                                                      -  Video #6 - 2:27 mins  -  Test run of Triplex with updated sound file (louder chuff and whistle)

                                                                     - 56MB/3000kbs - 20MB/1000kbs - 8MB/300kbs

                                                      -  Video #7 - 6:28 mins  -  First run outside with the 60 car coal train

                                                                     - 150MB/3000kbs - 55MB/1000kbs - 22MB/300kbs - YouTube HQ






100ft Coal Trains (x 2)


            - MTH Big Boys & Triplexes:


                                             -  Video #6 - 8:05 mins  -  3 Big Boys and 3 Triplexes each take on their own 100ft coal trains

                                                            - 188MB/3000kbs - 70MB/1000kbs - 28MB/300kbs - YouTube HQ







                                Triplex - test videos:

                                     -  Video #1 - 12:38 mins  -  Speaker comparison tests

                                                            - 290MB/3000kbs - 99MB/1000kbs - 36MB/400kbs

                                            -  Video #2 - 1:20 mins  -  Quick compare compilation - focused on chuff

                                                            (1=Original setup, 2=Speaker enclosure removed, 3=Upgraded speaker, 4= Upgraded speaker open frame, 5= Upgraded speaker+new sound file, 6=Big Boy)

                                                            - 35MB/3000kbs - 12MB/1000kbs - 5MB/400kbs





                                             You can find additional videos on the Garden Railroad Videos page:    





Note:  See this link for packing photos.  This will be useful if you need to repack your Triplex for shipment.  This is where all the piece go if you can't remember.




Read about the modifications done to this engine at the Modification link below.


Garden Railroad Modification, Repair & Maintenance



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